My blog and I

Everyone has had it tough at some point in their life. Some people have it extra tough while some others have had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious life. I have had neither of those lives. I believe my life has had a fair few shit times and has had a hell lot of stupendous times.

I will walk you through all these times in a variety of ways. Some as an advice column and some in poems or stories. I will just tell it how it is, I will moan and I will laugh. I will do it however the hell I want.  I have done so many preposterous things that it’s kinda hard to give good advice. Call this your guideline on how not to fuck things up. Sharing the slums of my life will give you an idea how to avoid social suicide. Yes I probably will be crude, offending and annoying but it is your choice if you wish to read my profanities.

I am Savannah. I am sarcastic and have a sexual sense of humour. They can solve any situation I believe, especially when you’re as funny as me. I’m 21 years old but I have probably consumed more wine than an old vintner. I have also had past relationships that have gone lopsided and aim to prevent you from ruining your love life as much as I have. I would call myself cupid but I think that would class as irony.

I am Savannah. Your tell-all guide blogger. Your deep and honest story teller. Your emotional poetic girl. Your brutally honest critic.

Welcome to my complicated life.