The year is 2008. 

Your lips are white and crusty. 

You have a JD bag slung over your back- inside is your PE kit. 

You are trying to rock those £2 neon sunglasses from Primark. (Them Kanye ones omg)

Girls had a headband which sits on their forehead UNDER THE HAIR. Kind of contradicts the whole concept of a headband??

You were probably at the school disco bopping and jumping to ‘Low- Flow Ride feat T-Pain.

You were on BEBO sharing the love and finding the perfect theme for the page. Most likely you fell out with a friend at one point because you removed them as your ‘Other half’ so you could have your boyfriend as it who you dumped after a week.

You rushed home after school to beat your sibling to the computer so you could sit on MSN and have every friend’s name in your personal message.


The inbetweeners hit our screens and we were all shouting BUMDER to our friends. Oooh friends.


How old were you in 2008?

I would have been turning 12. Sat in ICT playing (which is still active believe it or not). I remember begging my mum to let me have one of those god awful fringes that started from one ear and was swept across the forehead. THANK THE LORD my mum was honest and did not approve. However I did go to school and apply makeup and then come home and take it off immediately. So rebellious. 

2008 songs that we all needed to bluetooth each other ASAP:

Katy Perry- Hot n Cold

Ne-yo- Miss Independent 

Usher- Love in this club

Estelle- American boy

Beyonce- If I were a boy &.  Single Ladies

T.I- Live your life

Leona Lewis- Bleeding love (think every girl sang this in the shower after a heartbreak we suffered from a week relationship)

Same goes for Alicia Keys- No one

Chris Brown- With you &.    Forever

Britney Spears made a “comeback” with her album ‘Circus.’

I could go on!! Music was Iconic in the early 2000s. Gone a bit downhill since.

The fashion of 2008. 

Well considering I was only 12… It is a bit of a hard one to say because 12 year olds then really did not have an style whatsoever.

I remember girls coming to school in bright neon leg warmers… WHY!!

Winged liner that was not even a wing. More like a bent nike tick.


Leggings became the new trousers. See through ones to be precise. They were meant to be worn as tights but nooooo we just wanted to throw on a pair of leggings, a fake Adidas jumper from Turkey and some primark ‘UGG’ boots.


Remember wearing about 20 bangles on one wrist? If you could still raise your arm, you were not wearing enough. Not to mention the noise we made in school when writing.

Maxi dresses came out. Which were also a popular choice for prom dresses by some girls. No comment.

Boys had hair that represented a hedgehog, lines shaved through the sides resulting in being suspended from school and then those blonde highlights on the spikes. The odd boy would have a slit in their eyebrow too. AND THE NIKE TICKS ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD NAAAAAAH.

Celebrity News:

  1. As she was previously mentioned… Britney Spears. She was admitted into a psychiatric ward at the start of the year after her 2007 meltdown which is still talked about now.
  2. Heath Ledger dies. (He was one of my crushes).
  3. Lindsay Lohan gets a girlfriend.
  4. Zoey 101 got cancelled. STILL NOT OVER IT.
  5. Disney CHILD star, Miley Cyrus poses naked for a magazine. We should have known then that the female Draco Malfoy was on her way on a wrecking ball.

Do you miss your younger teenage years?

I actually miss being 12. It was shit but a good shit. Times were splendid. I used to wish I was older, I hated being 12 a the time and dreamt of being in my 20s. Well I am here now, 10 years on and yes it is lovely but there is too much to stress about!! I miss stressing over being caught wearing makeup, stressing about why a boy I had barely spoken to wasn’t replying to me on MSN and stressing over whether to crimp my hair for school or not (a lot of time and effort goes into crimping hair ok). Those times were slightly cringe and looking back at old pictures of us posing with our 1 megapixel camera webcams and phones honestly makes me gip but I am so glad I lived my teenage years 10 years ago rather than now. I also wonder how life will be in 10 years…


So do you feel old yet?


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