Boyfriend check


Some men are just not worthy of your time and here is why..

When did he last compliment you? Exactly.

A quick pint reaches its halt at 4am…nearly every weekend and some weeknights. Fair enough, going out having a good time with the lads but if it is all too often and chooses that over spending one nice weekend with you a month, well hun, you will be one very unhappy bunny.

Do you feel abandoned? Alone?

Do his eyes look in other directions? Directions being OTHER GIRLS.

Why the hell has he got lipstick all over him!!! You only wear non-transferable mattes. No it isn’t from his nan. Get a grip! Open your eyes!

He doesn’t support your goals. If my man won’t support either my writing, my career, my outfits, my social choices etc then he would be gone faster than my scran goes down. (But he is fab)

You don’t trust him.

He doesn’t trust you.

He is still in contact with his exes without a valid reason and it stresses you the heck out. Does he actually need to have every ex and girl he has ever slept with to be on all forms of social media?? Is this just a girl thing? That we hate any exes being about?

Does he even defend you when people speak ill of you?

Has the effort stopped? I don’t mean lavish dates and materialistic things. Just the effort to cook, effort to make you feel special, to talk to you.

All those little lies build him into a BIG FAT LIAR. We tend to find out 12/10 things so why lie!!!!!!

He thinks he is a universal remote control. Playing you, stopping you in your tracks, causing glitches. Take out his batteries and get tf out! Not ok. Drop him. Wear what you like. Eat what ever your body desires. Be best friends with his worst enemy. Sod it!

I hope he helps around the house. Best kind of guys.

If things aren’t adding up…. well.

If you produced negative responses then your boyfriend failed. Are you even happy?? Just something you could think about.

To be honest my list could go on! Some girls can take more than others it just depends on who you are! Don’t take no crap. Follow your gut⭐️


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